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Lefkada is the only island which can be accessed only with your car, without using a ship or ferryboat, and is linked to the mainland with a floating bridge, which allows the passage of both vehicles and ships.

Access to the island

  • Through the National Road Rio – Antirio
  • With KTEL buses from the station of Kifisos and the station of Thessalonika
  • By plane to the airport Aktio, 20 minutes from the town of the island
  • By sailing vessel. (The island has a marina and many natural harbors)
  • With floatplane from Patra, Ioannina and Corfu

Access to villas

In 30klm distance from the town of Lefkada in the southeastern tip of the island, you will find the traditional fishing village, Sivota. The complex is far from the village about 1klm.